Education Sponsorship & Training

Careers in medical diagnostics offer long-term, stable employment viability in Manitoba and across North America. DSM offers financial assistance programs for students wishing to enter the diagnostic field and for staff wishing to upgrade their skills.

International Medical Laboratory Technologist Bridging Program

DSM’s award-winning Bridging Program offers financial assistance for internationally educated MLTs to participate in a distance education program designed to prepare them for the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) certification examinations in general laboratory technology.

Program graduates are then able to use their skills and expertise as MLTs in Canada.

DSM’s Bridging Program received an Excellence in Leadership Award from the Human Resources Management Association of Manitoba in 2010. The program was recognized in the category of Workplace Essential Skills and Employee Development for demonstrating success in raising the skill level of employees through job-related training and lifelong learning.

The program not only fills a need within DSM in hiring into Medical Laboratory Technologists positions, but also serves to increase the job satisfaction of internationally trained technologists looking to work at the same level that they worked at in their home country.

Funding for the Manitoba Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologist Bridging Program is provided in part by Health Canada. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of Health Canada.

Post-Doctoral Training Program in Clinical Biochemistry

DSM offers a post-doctoral training program in Clinical Biochemistry. The program provides an excellent opportunity to learn Clinical Biochemistry and gain exposure to other laboratory medicine disciplines in preparation for pursuing a career as a Clinical Biochemist. DSM offers the program every three years; next call will occur in 2019.

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