Bridging Program

Manitoba Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologist Bridging Program

Your Bridge to MLT Registration in Manitoba!

As an internationally educated Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT), your skills and potential are valuable to Diagnostic Services Manitoba (DSM).

International laboratory practices differ, and as a result international MLT education and experience do not always meet the requirements of practice in Canada.  The Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Sciences (CSMLS) examination process can be challenging, especially without support.

Through its focused study approach, the Manitoba Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologist (MIEMLT) Bridging Program provides knowledge, clinical experience, and the confidence that will help you to achieve College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Manitoba (CMLTM) registration and employment in Manitoba.

MLT Demand

A Strong Future for Manitoba’s Medical Diagnostic Sector

MLTs are essential to the delivery of effective health services.  Due to the increasing need for diagnostic testing within Manitoba and North America, the skills you possess as an MLT are in high demand.

Your career as an MLT with DSM will offer long-term stability in an innovative environment where you can use your knowledge and expertise to make a difference.

The MIEMLT Bridging Program

Your Key to Success

I was confident that I was going to pass and that I had studied the right material.”  — Bridging Participant, Ramil Nevalgas

The Bridging Program was honoured with a 2010 Workplace Essential Skills and Employee Development Award, presented by the Human Resources Management Association of Manitoba as part of their annual Excellence in Leadership Awards.  The program was recognized for its demonstrated success in raising the skill level of employees through job-related training and lifelong learning.

Program Orientation

If accepted, you will attend evening sessions for a program orientation in early June.


Courses are delivered from August to July.

  • Twelve (12) theory courses are delivered via distance education  (online) through Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology
  • Communication and Professional Practice for MLTs is delivered via blended delivery, which includes both online and in person through Red River College.

Practicum and Clinical Placement

Eighteen (18) weeks of clinical rotations are delivered at DSM labs as well as at Red River College.

If you are currently working and you are accepted into the program, you will need to request a Leave of Absence for the period of the clinical placement.  The program will help you to connect with Manitoba Training and Employment Services to register for employment insurance during this time.

Financial Assistance

DSM, with funding from Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living, provides tuition and books for the one-year program at no cost.  Funding is provided in exchange for a return of service commitment.

Return of Service Commitment (ROS)

In exchange for DSM’s financial assistance, selected candidates will be required to sign a legal contract.  Participants must agree to complete the program in the specified time period and to work for DSM in full time employment as an MLT after successfully completing the program, passing the national exam and registering with the CMLTM.  The ROS can be fulfilled in the region of current employment (if applicable).

Eligibility Requirements

To apply to the MIEMLT program, you must:

  • Have MLT qualifications from another country
  • Be a permanent resident/landed immigrant or Canadian citizen
  • Have a current completed CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment
  • Have met the MIEMLT program’s English language requirements *
  • Hold a term, permanent, or casual position as a Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA) with DSM (Unemployed IEMLTs and/or employees from other employers will be considered if there is support from the employer (and an ROS))

*current (within 6 months of application)

IELTS-AC CanTEST – (I or official)
Listening 7.0 4.0
Reading 7.0 4.0
Writing 6.5 4.0
Speaking 7.0 4.5

If you do not have current English language test results (within the past year), please contact Anna Janik- Kelly, Language Assessment Coordinator at Red River College’s  Language Training Centre.   Email or phone 204-945-6151 ext. 6377 as soon as possible to arrange a test date.

Selection Criteria

Six (6) participants will be chosen through a competitive selection process.

Eligible applicants will be invited to interviews by DSM. Applicants will be assessed by a standard set of questions intended to address such topics as experience, motivation, self-reflection, adaptability, and communication skills.

Participants will be selected based upon review of all available information from their submitted application package and interviews.

Application Information

Your application form and all required documents must be received by April 28, 2017.

Application Form

Selection will be completed and applicants notified by May 26, 2017.

Funding for the MIEMLT Bridging Program is provided by Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living.

Questions can be directed to:

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