DSM SBH Pathology Lab Poised for Future Demands Following Complex Renovation

DSM SBH Pathology Lab Poised for Future Demands Following Complex Renovation

If you can imagine renovating your kitchen and bathroom at the same time and still living in the house, this is pretty much what Diagnostic Services Manitoba’s (DSM) St. Boniface Hospital (SBH) Pathology lab staff did for around a year.

The result is a redesigned lab space that not only accommodates today’s workflow but which was planned with the lab needs of the future already in mind. Space within the lab’s various departments and functions is now allocated and designed to best meet the needs of patient and staff safety as well as functionality and workflow. Each square foot is used to its full potential with specimens travelling the shortest and safest path through each pathology area to their final destination under a pathologist’s microscope.

“The number of cases is not going to decrease,” said Dr. Daniel Gomez, Pathologist and DSM’s SBH Laboratory Medical Director. “We need to prepare for the flow in ten years and this redesign gives us the capacity and flexibility to meet future demands.

Although the renovation to revamp almost the entire frontline pathology space was among one of the more complex that the SBH facility has experienced, all work was managed without impacting the turnaround time for patient results or referring a single sample to another facility due to the renovation process.
“We had a clear mandate and worked steadfastly throughout to ensure that patient care and workflow were not affected,” said Marilyne LeClair, Pathology Supervisor, acknowledging the positive attitudes and cooperation of her pathology team.

Laboratory Director Alissa Leforte acknowledged the amazing teamwork of pathologists, pathology staff and all SBH departments that worked alongside DSM leads to make the renovations possible. This includes SBH Project Management, Capital Planning and Facilities, Telecom, Housekeeping, IT and Protection Services.

“Thanks to the support and collaboration of everyone involved the renovations ran as smoothly as possible,” said Alissa. “This was key to our ability to maintain the expected level of pathology service to our physicians and patients throughout the project – not only at St. Boniface but at the many other health centres we serve across the province.”

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