DSM’s vision is to create a patient-first environment that provides quality laboratory and diagnostic imaging services supporting the health care needs of all Manitobans. That means we need to work closely with medical practitioners across the province to ensure relevant and timely diagnostic services to help you in make the diagnoses upon which you base treatment decisions.

When it is necessary for DSM to make changes to its test menu or some aspect of the testing process, we issue Physician Alerts or Clinical Practice Updates. To ensure that you are kept up to date, we encourage you to subscribe to our alert system so the information is delivered right to your inbox.

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  • CWM Participates in Engaging National Meeting
    March 10, 2017

    Members of Choosing Wisely Manitoba were among the more than 300 stakeholders attending the Choosing Wisely Canada National Meeting at the end of February. Attendees included clinicians, patient representatives, leaders from national organizations, as well as provincial and territorial Choosing Wisely campaigns. Visit Choosing Wisely Canada to learn more about the more than 80 abstracts presented.

  • TI Lab Contributes to Record Year for Kidney Donations in Manitoba
    March 9, 2017

    DSM’s Transplant Immunology Lab was extra busy last year – contributing to the record 57 kidney transplants that gave the gift of life to Manitobans through Manitoba’s Renal Transplant Program. The TI Lab already plays a very important role in the transplant of kidneys from both living and deceased donors, but work has expanded as a result of the province’s latest donation option – donation after cardio-circulatory death (DCD), introduced in January 2016. MORE >

  • CAUTION: Selkirk MRI Not Currently Accepting Urgent/Emergent Reqs
    February 27, 2017

    At this time DSM CANNOT accept urgent/emergent requisitions for MRI service at the Selkirk Regional Health Centre. This service is not scheduled to open until July 2017 and as such we are only able to accept requisitions for elective MRIs. Please be sure to send your completed requisitions to the unique MRI fax #: (204) 785-7427 SRHC MRI Requisition MORE >