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How to Find a Reliable Casino Website

Have you come upon an online casino that you enjoy, yet something makes you suspicious?

Our advice will take the guesswork out of determining whether or not an online casino is legitimate or simply after your money:

1 Look at what other gamers and professionals have to say about the game. Player testimonials help identify trends of complaints about an online casino, whereas casino reviews will immediately indicate any unfair terms and conditions.

2 Check for a license. This information will be shown prominently on the homepage of any respectable online casino. If you’re unsure, look out for the casino’s license number on the regulating body’s website.

3 Look for well-established banking methods. More investigation is required if the online casino only provides a limited number of deposit alternatives. Before depositing cash, make sure it explicitly outlines any withdrawal/deposit criteria and payout speeds.

4 Explore the games they offer. Legitimate online casinos use RNG software and provide fair return-to-player (RTP) percentages.

5 Contact customer service. Choose a different gaming site if an online casino fails to react to your communication or takes weeks to do so. 

Now you know exactly how to find a reliable casino website. But the best online casinos are an important but not the only reason to love Manitoba. Don’t believe it? Then learn the Top Ten Reasons to Live in Manitoba right now. Follow this link and enjoy reading.

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What Are the Criteria for Checking Online Casinos?

When checking online casinos, we look at these points:


Software that is dependable and trustworthy (including the usage of Random Number Generators – RNGs)

Choice of games

Every casino should feature a good selection of each sort of casino game, and the games should be of excellent quality, with good visuals and smooth, rapid gameplay.

Many options to deposit and withdraw funds

Casinos must accept Canadian dollars as payment, as well as a range of deposit and withdrawal options. It’s also crucial to have quick turnaround times

Bonus offers aimed at Canadians

Casinos must provide bonus offers that are specifically tailored to the requirements of Canadian players. Bonuses should be of excellent value as well

Excellent customer service

With tools like Instant Chat, email, and 24-hour assistance, casinos must provide exceptional customer care (where possible).
To be inclusive of all Canadian gamers, customer assistance must be offered in both English and French.

The license is issued by authoritative bodies

Every casino must be registered and controlled by respected, industry-wide authority.

On our website you will find a lot of valuable information and great reviews to help you make the right choice of online casinos and the best games.

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