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New Breast Excision Requisition for Pathology – Effective June 29, 2016

June 28,16

Surgeons: DSM is implementing a new breast excision requisition for pathology that will ensure we more accurately capture the critical time points required for our downstream testing. Patient benefits include improved accuracy of clinical information, allowing pathologic correlation, reduction in errors and faster turnaround time for breast cases. For full details and information on accessing […]

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Growing Momentum for Choosing Wisely, Locally and Nationally

June 27,16

In health care as it is in life, more is not always better. Unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures undermine our ability to provide care by potentially exposing patients to delays and even unintended harm. Unnecessary testing takes away resources that are required for new and improved diagnostics. This issue is a global phenomenon with many […]

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Benefits of Provincial LIS in Action

Only a few years ago, there were three separate Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) in Manitoba – one in the WRHA, one in Brandon, and a smaller program in the 15 rural hub labs, with each operating its own version. The remaining 50 rural labs were still relying on pen to paper data.

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Understanding DSM’s Research Strategy

Imagine this: 100 years ago a diagnosis of diabetes carried a short life expectancy; a sentence of impending death (children survived less than a year from diagnosis, adults less than 4 years); 50 years ago doctors in Manitoba performed the first pancreas transplant; and 25 years ago the landmark “Diabetes Control and Complications Trial” changed […]

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CPJ Pathology Working Groups Progress

In 2014 DSM formed several pathology working groups dedicated to meeting the established turnaround times and disease-specific pathways of In Sixty, Manitoba’s Cancer Patient Journey (CPJ) initiative. Technical, medical and operational staff have been working to identify, opportunities for process and turnaround time improvement within each of the breast, colo-rectal, lung, lymphoma and prostate cancer […]

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Blood on Board STARS Air Ambulances in Manitoba

June 21,16

Manitoba STARS air ambulances now carry blood on board so they can perform life-saving transfusions while transporting patients to medical facilities.

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DSM Sponsors Prestigious Major Awards at U of M’s College of Medicine

June 8,16

Diagnostic Services Manitoba is proud to sponsor two prestigious awards for University of Manitoba College of Medicine graduate student research. The awards were presented on June 8th at the 2016 Canadian Student Health Research Forum, an event hosted annually by the College of Medicine.

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MLA Brad Michaleski Joins DSM Staff to Announce New CT in Dauphin

June 3,16

Diagnostic Services Manitoba (DSM) was pleased to welcome Mr. Brad Michaleski, MLA for Dauphin, to the June 3rd community announcement of new Computed Tomography equipment at the Dauphin Regional Health Centre (DRHC).

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