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Clearing Up Pathology Facts and Fiction

November 18,16

Picture it: a dimly lit room, a mysteriously shadowed doctor, the absence of some critical PPE component and on the examination table, a corpse being autopsied in near darkness. In a matter of minutes key forensic results are produced and the case is solved! This is a common representation of pathology in the media and […]

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Through the Pathology Lab We Go

November 17,16

To celebrate International Pathology Day DSM welcomed CBC Radio One’s Marcy Markusa to our Pathology Lab at St. Boniface Hospital – go behind the scenes with Pathologist Dr. Klein and other members of DSM’s Pathology Team at SBH CBC Radio One

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International Pathology Day – November 16

November 16,16

Today we recognize our provincial pathology team for the critical role they play in health care, contributing to prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer and many other leading causes of disease.

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Renovated Lac du Bonnet Diagnostics Resumes Full Service

November 15,16

Diagnostic Services Manitoba (DSM) is pleased to resume full laboratory and diagnostic imaging services within the Lac du Bonnet Clinic, effective November 15. We thank the Interlake-Eastern community and residents of Lac du Bonnet and surrounding areas for their patience in being referred to neighbouring facilities throughout the renovations.

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Pathology Behind the Scenes

Learn more about the important role of Pathologists in diagnosing cancer and other diseases in this Doctors Manitoba video, which is part of the Doctors Care series – Pathology Working Behind The Scenes

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The Art & Science of Pathological Investigation

November 14,16

When most people hear the term Pathology, what likely comes to mind is forensics and perhaps they picture an autopsy scene from their favourite crime show. But autopsy and forensics are only small parts of this medical specialty and most pathology work is done for the benefit of the living.

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Lac du Bonnet Diagnostics Closed November 14

November 10,16

Diagnostic Services Manitoba’s (DSM) Lac du Bonnet Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging services will be fully closed Monday, November 14, and will not be offering blood collection, X-ray or EKG services. The closure is to prepare to resume full services following facility renovations. Lac du Bonnet Diagnostics will resume full service Tuesday, November 15, offering brighter […]

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MRT Week, November 6 to 12

November 6,16

MRT Week is an annual celebration of the essential role that medical radiation technologists (MRTs) play in the healthcare system. Celebrated this year from November 6 to 12, MRT week is a time to recognize the contributions of these professionals to health care. DSM employs more than 335 dedicated and caring medical radiological staff who […]

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