Shared Health’s Commitment

Shared Health believes in inclusion and that it is important for every Manitoban, regardless of age, ability or other factors, to have access to information, services and properties that support and contribute to health and wellness. We are committed to improving accessibility in our facilities across the province and to upholding The Accessibility for Manitobans Act. We want to identify, remove and prevent barriers to accessibility.

Your Feedback

(Note: Thank you for your patience as we update our forms to reflect our new organization – Shared Health)

As an important part of every Manitoban’s heath care team, Shared Health wants to know about patient and visitor experiences in our laboratories, phlebotomy areas, and diagnostic imaging centres. Please share your experiences and help us to meet legislated requirements and to enhance accessibility within the health system. There are two ways to contribute your feedback:

Online Feedback Form: Use this form if you have an experience in one of our facilities that requires immediate investigation or follow-up. Click here.

Accessibility Survey: Complete this survey to help us better understand the barriers that you or someone you care about has experienced when accessing help services in our facilities. Click here.

If you cannot access the Online Feedback Form or the Accessibility Survey in English, or if you require a French version of the Accessibility Survey, please contact Shared Health Client Services at 1-866-633-1787 or by email at to request a survey be mailed to you.  Completed surveys can be sent back to Shared Health at:

Shared Health Client Services
15th Floor, 1502 Carlton Street
Winnipeg, MB  R3C 3H8

Shared Health’s Accessibility Plan

Our Accessibility Plan follows the plan developed for each region and facility where we have laboratories, phlebotomy (blood and other sample collection services) areas and diagnostic imaging centres. Our goal is to work with our partner regions and facilities to remove and prevent barriers for patients and their families who are accessing health care services.

For more information on the process we are following and what is involved please visit or contact the Province of Manitoba Disabilities Issues Office:

Phone: 204-945-7613
Toll Free: 1-800-282-8069 (Ext. 7613)
Fax: 204-948-2896
TTY: 204-948-2901