Balancing Value and Best Care – DSM’s Commitment to Health Care Sustainability

Balancing Value and Best Care – DSM’s Commitment to Health Care Sustainability

DSM has always striven to provide the right service at the right time to the right patient. Now, in our current economic environment and considering the pressures faced by the health system as a whole, we must focus more than ever on what is the ‘right test’ and ensure the clinical value of each and every procedure.

DSM takes our commitment toward clinical resource optimization and health system sustainability very seriously. We have been focused on ensuring the appropriate and effective use of diagnostic services in Manitoba and through our role as a partner in the Choosing Wisely Manitoba initiative, we are providing leadership, expertise and evidence based research to reduce the burden of unscientific, inappropriate and unnecessary diagnostic tests and procedures.

Outside of the framework of the CWM initiative, DSM is also looking within our own operations to achieve the same efficiencies. More than 175 potential opportunities for efficiencies and or improved clinical value were recently identified within our administrative and clinical operations. We are committed to ensuring that our services balance best care and value.

While DSM has a responsibility in guiding appropriate testing and adding value to patient care, ultimately we do not drive the clinical demand for our services. It will take a collaborative approach from DSM, our partners, clinical champions as well as physicians/practitioners to appropriately balance demand and diagnostic output.

DSM has appreciated the unique opportunity we have in Manitoba to be leaders of our own change. Collectively we have the expertise to continue driving our own efficiencies and improvements in the delivery of laboratory and diagnostic imaging testing and we look forward to working together to strengthen health care service delivery.

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