About Diagnostic Careers


An interest and ability in sciences, data analysis and technology, a passion for helping others and a desire to make a difference are all traits and characteristics that lend themselves to a diverse career in medical diagnostics.

Diagnostic professionals working in laboratories and imaging facilities play a vital role in health care by delivering a wide range of testing that leads to diagnosis and the appropriate physician-prescribed treatment.

Career Options

There are many different career options for those interested in medical diagnostics – from Medical Laboratory Technologist and Medical Radiological Technologist to specialty positions in both lab and diagnostic imaging.

Careers in medical diagnostics can also lead to opportunities as technical specialists as well as in education, management and sales.

Shared Health Diagnostic Services also employs support staff in a variety of administrative and clerical roles including Medical Transcription and Stenography.


Wonder what it’s like to work in a lab or imaging centre? Take a tour with these videos:

Career Outlook

As Manitoba’s population grows and ages, the demand for diagnostic services will also increase. Lab and imaging professionals are in high demand in rural, northern and urban centres across Manitoba. The long-term outlook is very good for Medical Laboratory Technologists, Medical Radiological Technologists and associated specialists.