Update 24/7 Contact Info

Full and accurate information pertaining to physician identification and location is critical for Shared Health diagnostic services to provide timely results for your patients, especially when critical test results require urgent communication. This information is also essential for Shared Health diagnostic services’ compliance with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba’s (CPSM) By-Law #11, Standards of Practice in Medicine, Coverage – Critical Test Results as well as for meeting our own accreditation requirements.

Please be sure to alert Shared Health of any changes to your address, phone number and/or pertinent practice information by completing Shared Health Diagnostic Services (DSM) NEW/Amended Physician Information and Fax Confirmation Sheet (F10-50-26C) and returning via one of the following methods:

Manitoba eHealth Service Desk Fax: 204-940-8700
Shared Health Diagnostic Services Confidential voicemail: 204-926-1430