Pathology Study Forms

Shared Health Diagnostic Services Interim Pathology Study Process at St. Boniface Hospital is now in effect.

The following forms relate to Shared Health Diagnostic Services (DSM) Research Policy 170-120-01. Please familiarize yourself with F170-120-01A and ensure that form F170-120-01B and F170-120-01C accompany all future study requests.

F170-120-01A Interim Pathology Study Process V02

F170-120-01B Patient Information & Consent for Use of Tissues V03

F170-120-01C Pathology Collaboration Agreement V03

F170-120-01C Pathology Collaboration Agreement V03 – Electronic Fillable

Research Advisory Committee

The Pathology Access Committee for Tissue (PACT) is being transitioned to the Research Advisory Committee .  During this transition, please submit applications forms to  Research Advisory Committee, c/o Laura Curtis, by email to