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Research Support Office

Introducing DSM’s Research Support Office

Diagnostic Services Manitoba (DSM) opened the Research Support Office as a support and resource for medical researchers in Manitoba who need laboratory services. As Manitoba’s public sector laboratory services provider, DSM participates in research studies as part of our commitment to a comprehensive and sustainable quality laboratory program.

Our Vision

The DSM Research Support Office will:

  • Support researchers and DSM staff to enhance research in Manitoba
  • Provide a central point of contact via a virtual office for researchers
  • Create a streamlined, standardized approach for laboratory-related research requests

Benefits of the RSO for Researchers:

  • DSM has increased flexibility to accommodate research projects by using our network of facilities while researchers only need to submit the project application once to have it open at multiple facilities.
  • Centralized access provides quicker turn-around times to open research projects.
  • DSM can offer a consistent pricing schedule and process across all DSM sites, along with consolidated monthly invoicing.
  • RSO offers support at the proposal phase to help researchers to budget appropriately with funders and to ensure that a lab impact assessment has considered all the appropriate variables ahead of time (for example, volumes of patients, number of visits, timelines for project, health & safety concerns, etc.).
  • RSO staff can consult with other departments such as health & safety, when necessary, prior to approving the project, ensuring the process runs smoothly for both researchers and the laboratory.
  • Researchers have improved access to a full range of laboratory services from collection to analysis or send-out.

Supporting Research – Process:

DSM’s laboratory services span the province, including facilities in Winnipeg’s largest hospitals – Health Sciences Centre and St. Boniface Hospital – and all of the community hospitals. DSM’s Research Support Office (RSO) serves as a central point of contact for all researchers, enabling them to more easily and quickly access the services they need in all laboratory disciplines available in DSM facilities.

The RSO staff are the primary point of contact for Principal Investigators, Study Coordinators, Laboratory Staff, Clinical Research Offices and other external partners. Their role is to ensure that research studies are well supported from the initial concept development through implementation. Their involvement can help to facilitate researchers’ projects through the approval process while also ensuring the least impact on clinical care.

Researchers can initiate contact with the RSO as they are developing the project concept. This enables RSO staff to facilitate the development of the project from the laboratory perspective, minimizing the impact on clinical laboratory operations and ensuring that researchers have adequate funding to cover laboratory costs. Following the protocol development, the project can be submitted concurrently to the DSM RSO and Research Advisory Committee, the University of Manitoba Research Ethics Board (REB) and the appropriate site research departments.

The RSO will open the study for the laboratory component and create the study requisitions once applicable approvals have been received.

When a research study opens, the RSO will provide additional information on what notifications the researcher will need to provide to DSM such as when participants are scheduled or when a shipment is being sent.

For more information, please contact:

Laura Curtis
Research Specialist
Telephone: 204-235-3935