The Pathology of a Hot Dog

The Pathology of a Hot Dog

hotdogMost of us may prefer not to know what the microscopic examination of a hotdog would reveal, but for some high school students, this may be the trigger that leads them to a career in lab medicine and pathology.

For the last three years DSM Pathology has been participating in Discovery Days, an educational event organized by the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame that gives grade 11 and 12 students who are interested in science the opportunity to explore a variety of career options in medicine and the health sciences through a keynote lecture, interactive workshops and a career panel discussion. A national initiative, our local event is hosted by the University of Manitoba at the Brodie Centre.

For the last three years, DSM Pathology staff have presented a Discovery Days in Health Sciences workshop entitled ‘What happens to my appendix after it is removed?’. The workshop lecture introduces the students and teachers to Lab Medicine (Pathology and Histotechnology) by following an appendix from the operating room, through accessioning, grossing, tissue processing and slide preparation and ultimately to the pathologist’s microscope. The interactive component of the workshop provides the students with hands-on experience in making a paraffin block using a sectioned hot dog as the specimen. Students are able to lift their tissue section (expertly cut by a DSM histotechnologist) out of the water bath and place it on a slide for staining. The final section is digitized and they are able to review a virtual slide with a DSM Pathologist.

“Students are quite excited to participate in the making of their own slide and have lots of great questions for us,” said Dr. Marc Dupré Pathologist at SBH, who along with HSC Histotechnologists Jenna Parkin and Andrew Pobre organized and presented this year’s workshop.

“This is an important opportunity for DSM to expose students to careers in lab medicine and consider areas that may not otherwise be at the forefront in their exploration of career opportunities in medicine and science. The workshop is a great collaborative effort from Pathology and the students, teachers and event organizers have always appreciated our workshop.”


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